We all desire to have a life that is exciting and meaningful. One of the ingredients to have such a life is passion. Passion is what gives us the desire to life an accomplished life. In defining what passion is I went to a dictionary, and these are the definitions that I found:

1.The sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and His Death

2.A strong feeling

3.Rage, anger

4.Love; also an object of affection or enthusiasm

5.Sexual desire

The standard of practice for listing definitions in a dictionary is to list them in the order of common usage. In this article, we will be using the 4th definition of passion. We can look at passion as a strong emotional feeling. The word enthusiasm, when examined at its root, means the process of being in God or God within. The passion in our lives is a strong emotional feeling that is the result of our personal relationship with God. The manifestation of that passion will be the result of our relationship with God. We can be passionate about many things, but they will pass away. Our personal relationship with God will bring our passion into areas that are eternal.

There are three things that will help us develop and keep passion in our lives. The first is intention. Intention is (in my definition) the path that I have set in my heart for the expected purpose and reward during a time period. That means that when I get up in the morning I set my heart to do the will of God and have a close personal relationship with Him throughout the day. I have to be honest to say that there are some days that this does not happen and the day is not as fruitful as I like. The same is true when we read a book: What do I want to learn from this book? I think it is a good idea to write that intention on your bookmark and read it before you start to read the book that time. Everything we do we should determine what it is that we want before starting. This includes going to church. Why do you go to church? Set your intention that you will be encouraged by the people of the service and also that you will encourage someone while there.

The second aspect of passion is what do you get excited about? We all have things that when we talk about them or do them brings a level of energy into our lives. I believe that these are most likely what God has called you to do. I get excited and have a lot of energy to teach. I love it; I feel like I could go all day and not get tired. It is where I get creative. It is my passion. However, it seems that everything else in my life needs maintenance. So rather than spending my days teaching, I spend most of my day maintaining this thing I call my life and all that I created. This is life, though, and we have to understand that principle. In order to maintain your passion for life, you have to schedule in those things that you are passionate about. This act will give you energy to do everything else that you have to do. Also, remember that enthusiasm means the process of being in God or the process of God in us. Make sure that you are investing in your relationship with God every day.

The last aspect I will talk about concerning living a life of passion is integrity. Integrity is taking what we say that we believe and making it part of our everyday life. This manner of living will give us more energy to do the things that we have the passion to do. The tough part of this is to take time to examine our hearts and to see what it is that we say we believe, but are not doing. We have areas that we are deceived in and this is where the integrity gap will show up. I pray that all of us will live a life of passion and enjoy what we are doing here on earth. Take the time to seek the areas of deception in our hearts and see the passion for life increase as you deal with them.

Determine that you will live a life with passion and seek the place where that passion is found in your life.


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