The doors at Hay Camp Brewing Co. may have been closed for the past 4 months, but that doesn't mean they haven't been hard at work.

"We closed shop at the original brewery in December and quit our other jobs to work on this full time," said Karl Koth, co-owner. "That's after officially starting working on the new location last July. It's been an 8-month process with multiple projects in one."

Those projects will have their first unveiling as Hay Camp opens for business again on April 3 at their new Kansas City St. location.

Koth and co-owner Sam Papendick have chosen an art deco building with a glass facade that was once a laundromat for Regional Health and an Oldsmobile-Cadillac showroom.

"We view the first location as a pilot brewery, a proof of concept," Papendick said. "We had a good response there, but when the lease was up after 3 years, we saw an opportunity."

The owners sought to find a space that wouldn't have the limitations of the original location.

"We had limited seating because we only had 450 square feet to work with, whereas now we have 3,200," Papendick said. "We couldn't brew during hours, and now we can. And it was a little off the beaten path downtown. Those limits are corrected here."

And how: the new Hay Camp will open with a ten taps on the wall and 12 beers in rotation; 2 beer engines; traditional-served cask condition beer; and continued barrel-aged beer in the near future, which they plan on storing in the basement.

"That's where all sorts of different cultures can come in," Koth said. "You have an idea of what you're shooting for with barrel-aged beers, but not as much control, which is the fun of it. Every barrel has different character."

There was a palpable sense of excitement and care in the space on Wednesday, March 22, as the Journal toured the facility. The team, which will continue to work well after the April 3 opening to add more hand-crafted touches, has utilized recovered wood and other reused material.

"We recovered wood from the Homestake Mine," Papendick said. "We're using what used to be a steam pipe on the building as the bar foot rail."

Beer will only be one part of the new space: on April 3, Mothership Coffee & Commons will open in the front room, run by coffee shop manager and event coordinator Nora Leinen.

"It was really Sam and Karl's idea," Leinen said. "They had the space and wanted to incorporate coffee, so they came to me and I was happy to do it."

All coffee will be locally-roasted drip coffee. The front room will also host a revolving art and furniture gallery with locally-made work. Eric Sutton's custom woodwork tables and chairs will be featured and can be purchased.

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There will also be a woodworking shop rented in the back space; a cafe and restaurant; and a 3,000-square-foot stage and event area for live music and shows, scheduled to open on June 17 in conjunction with the brewery's annual Stockman's Day Beer Festival.

"After that it'll be open for bookings, from conferences to weddings," Leinen said.

Rapid City food trucks are invited to contact Hay Camp for food and beer pairings, as well.

"We reached out to a number of food trucks and would love any others to contact us," Leinen said. "We really want to share the wealth and bring in other community businesses."

From the beer to the space, the coffee to the art and furniture, Hay Camp's new location epitomizes their new motto.

"Craft your community," Koth said. 

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