A state prison inmate serving a 160-year sentence died Sunday, according to authorities.

Larry Black Bear died at a Sioux Falls hospital, and an autopsy will be conducted, the South Dakota Department of Corrections said in a release. He was 46.

Black Bear was serving time for a 1993 conviction of first-degree manslaughter in Meade County. He confessed to taking part in the killing of John Mousseaux, 30, who was beaten to death with a tire iron and a hammer on a rural Meade County road, according to court documents. 

Theodore New, now 43, was convicted of second-degree murder in Mousseaux’s death, and is serving a life sentence at the state penitentiary, according to corrections department data.

Another defendant, Augustine White Horse, was acquitted of murder but later pleaded guilty to being an accessory to first-degree murder, court documents show. White Horse, now 47, has completed his sentence.

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