Danny Scolaro primarily came to the Black Hills Stock Show on behalf of his employer to pitch signage and labels to other stock show vendors and business owners who are attending the event.

To make a few bucks on the side, Scolaro and his colleagues at Budget Custom Sign Shop of Rapid City brought along a few dozen bumper stickers to pitch to patrons passing by their booth in the Rodeo Zone in the ice arena at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

For $5 for small signs and stickers, or $10 for larger ones, customers can take home insignias of their favorite sporting teams, truck manufacturers and cartoon characters.

But so far, the top sellers are (no surprise in South Dakota) those that center on the Second Amendment right to bear arms or those that make mild political statements.

An early winner was one that Scolaro made himself: It says "Warning: Driver only carries $20 in ammunition" with images of bullets backing up the promise.

But ever the salesman, Scolaro reacted to his customers who said that $20 in ammo probably was too low. So he made another bumper sticker that asserts the driver has $100 in ammunition.

Another popular sticker makes a play on President Trump's star-spangled placards to "Make America Great Again."

But Scolaro's offerings are tailored to western South Dakota — one says "Make America Cowboy Again," while another urges people to "Make American Native Again."

"Whether we're with it or against it, we do the yin and yang of it," Scolaro said of the sign firm, a 35-year Native-owned business located on Oregon Street in Rapid City.

A couple other signs he offers: "How do I feel about gun control? Break into my house to find out," while another notes that "Gun Control is hitting your target."