FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A diesel shortage in the region has resulted in some long days for haulers trying to stock fuel stations.

A No. 1 diesel fuel shortage has affected prices, as the fuel is currently costing about 60 cents more than No. 2 diesel fuel, WDAY television reported.

Mike Rud, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association, said the harsh winter weather has played a role.

"That's what people want to burn when it's this cold to make sure that they don't have any engine troubles on the road, and that's understandable," Rud said. "We just haven't gotten caught up in terms of supply. The demand has just outpaced supply by a longshot. We're finally starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel here."

Leon Schwan, who hauls fuel to Petro stations in the Fargo-Moorhead area, said he's been forced to plan ahead. The worst part is waiting in line, he said, and he sees truckers driving from as far as Montana and South Dakota for fill-ups.

"You might go a week before the pipeline might have it again," Schwan said. "And you either better be full and have a way you're going to get your next load from or you're going to be driving out of town or even out of state to go get it."

Schwan said he's seen 60 or 70 trucks in line just waiting in line for two or three hours, and he's waited there as 11 hours just to get one load.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed an hours of service waiver, allowing drivers more time to move product.

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Makes a person wonder if it is just a gimmick to get the price up. Just like the price of propane.

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