Visual depth in paintings is often achieved through the use of leading lines, movement and detailed shadows. Teri McTigh of Faith, S.D., however, takes her acrylic paintings to a new level of depth, resulting in unique, three-dimensional pieces of art that literally pop off the canvas. 

Like many painters, McTigh starts with a blank canvas. Where her artwork differs, however, is her use of clay sculptures that are molded and cured on the canvas itself. On some of McTigh's paintings, clay sculptures extend beyond the borders of the canvas, extending to other pieces that extend a scene to another piece of canvas. 

McTigh first came up with the concept for these 3D paintings 10 years ago while attending Black Hills State University. 

"I like doing scenes that tell a story across multiple images on display," McTigh said. "I try to create action scenes that are inspired by life on the ranch. They look like a painting come to life." 

McTigh's artwork is currently on display at the fine arts theater at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Her clay and acrylic pieces range in price from about $500 to more than $1,000, depending on size and number of canvases used in a scene.