A man with a history of reckless driving was being pursued by a Pennington County sheriff's deputy when his car ran a red light Friday night and was struck by another vehicle, leaving the driver of the pursued car in critical condition and his female passenger dead.

Jimmy Pilcher was driving the white Chevy Impala that ran the light while going west on North Street at its intersection with Spruce Street. The ensuing collision killed 40-year-old Tamera Hunter of Kyle and injured people in three other cars, according to the Rapid City Police Department.

Pilcher is in critical condition at Rapid City Regional Hospital, according to police.

According to court records, the 36-year-old Kyle man has previously pleaded guilty to a slew of driving violations and other misdemeanors, including driving without a license, driving with a suspended license, speeding, failing to wear a seat belt, failing to stop at an intersection, possession of controlled substances and disorderly conduct involving domestic abuse.

Another passenger in the Impala, Olin Janis, 37, of Porcupine, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Pennington County deputies began pursuing the vehicle after a caller reported that an Impala was trying to run someone off the road on Highway 44 and Jolly Lane, according to Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom, who defended the pursuit Tuesday after reviewing dashboard camera footage.

"I believe we followed our policy," he said. "These are unfortunate deals."

The sheriff's pursuit policy states that deputies "will pursue known wanted criminals and traffic violators who fail to yield upon receiving proper notice as long as it does not unduly endanger the public, themselves or other employees."

Thom said that after watching some of the footage of the chase, he believed the deputies began backing off Pilcher's Impala as the chase returned to the city core.

"I can't read their mind, but I don't know how much longer they would have pursued" had Pilcher's car not crashed, he added.

The pursuit began around 9:30 p.m. near the McDonald's on North Street when a deputy tried to pull the vehicle over, according to Thom. Pilcher sped east, turning north on Anamosa Street before making a U-turn and coming back down Anamosa and west on North Street, toward the area constricted by orange construction cones.

The pursuit — which Thom said may have reached between 40 and 60 mph — ended when Pilcher's Impala ran a red light at North Street's intersection with Spruce Street. A Buick LeSabre driving south T-boned the car, causing a chain reaction that involved two other cars. The pursuit lasted about a minute and 45 seconds, according to Thom.

The wreck injured people in all four cars, one of which Ty Acton was driving. Acton, a farmer from Mitchell, Neb., had been cutting through town with his girlfriend on their way to Deadwood when the chase ran into them.

“I told my girlfriend, look at the action up ahead,” said Acton, who remembers seeing police lights, but no sirens. “And next thing I know it, they were in my face.”

Pilcher's Impala spun around and slammed into Acton's Cadillac CTS, which in turn struck another Chevy Impala. Stunned and bruised, Acton stepped out of his car and watched emergency responders descend on the intersection.

“There was kind of a hyper-sense of oddness around,” he said, “a quiet.”

The impact of the crash left Acton with bruises all over his body. He and his girlfriend, Debra Brunner, were released from Rapid City Regional Hospital early Saturday morning, Acton said.

A statement released by the police department on the incident cited alcohol as a factor, but Thom didn't have any more details on who in the car had been drinking. The incident is being investigated by the Rapid City Police Department’s Critical Accident Reconstruction Team and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Pilcher has a warrant out of Custer County for a probation violation. More charges are pending.

Also injured was Mary Biesman, 81 of Rapid City, the driver the Buick LeSabre and Elizabeth Mousel, 46, of Rapid City, who drove the other Chevy Impala.

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The article said that this was a known offender who the police had been unable to catch previously. Kyle is on the reservation, so police and sheriffs cannot go there and arrest people.

Frankly, too bad the wrong person paid for this pursuit.

Summer Nights
Summer Nights

The PCSD began the "high speed pursuit" at McDonalds and the accident occurred at Spruce street. That can't be more that 3-4 blocks and the artilcle clearly states the duputies were traveling at speeds of 40-60 MPH. I have every confidence that the men and women of the Pennington County Sheriff's office can handle a patrol car at that speed.


The better question is, "can the fool that is trying to elude them handle his or her car?" and the answer in this case is clearly not.


Personally I wouldn't care how much they "followed procedured," IF one of my family or I were injured as a result of a high speed chase someone would be sued.
There are better ways to handle this type of hazard without willfully endangering the public.
But I guess citizens are not allowed to take self-responsibility...are they?


That's one dead and one wounded in car chases. It seems more of a risk to the public than it's worth. Especially when they could surely catch them later with license numbers or by investigation.


How would a license plate positively identify the driver? Are you sure it was his vehicle?


I suppose there's be a lot of investigation to do if you'd keep a driver like that on the road... Be like picking bread crumbs... Find all the sideswiped parked cars, pedestrians run over, etc, you'd be bound to find him if you just let them wreak havoc with no attempts at stopping them. (sarcasm)

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