South Dakota AG lauds upholding of abortion suicide advisory

2012-07-24T14:58:00Z South Dakota AG lauds upholding of abortion suicide advisoryThe Associated Press The Associated Press
July 24, 2012 2:58 pm  • 

SIOUX FALLS | Attorney General Marty Jackley says a Tuesday ruling by a federal appeals court makes it "very clear" that a 2005 abortion law is constitutional.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that doctors in South Dakota can be required by the state to warn women seeking abortions that they face an increased risk of suicide if they go through with the procedure.

The provision was the final piece under litigation for the 2005 law.

Says Jackley, "Now, essentially, the entirety of the 2005 legislation aimed at helping inform a woman of certain risks before an abortion will now be in place and all of it will be in effect."

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  1. Bobbie
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    Bobbie - July 27, 2012 3:31 pm
    No facts if you only get your news from left wing web sites and left wing news sources. It is funny how a lot of the outspoken anti abortion women are women that have had abortions and want to try to stop other women from ruining their lives like they did. Sorry for the reality but that is life or should I say that is life when you allow a person to live.
  2. sdaknative
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    sdaknative - July 27, 2012 11:50 am
    So, South Dakota now has a law that forces the doctor to lie to the patient? There are no facts that say that an abortion increases the risk of suicide. No facts. Not true. Who is running this state anyway? Be careful who you vote for!
  3. Bobbie
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    Bobbie - July 25, 2012 2:22 pm
    To add to my last comment if it gets published. Wherethesunshine's comment about women being controlled must of meant controlled by men. Because there are only men and women, and I can't see where the left has declaired that women have a war on women....but the week is not over yet.
  4. Buldog
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    Buldog - July 25, 2012 11:40 am
    I can not seem to find where wheresthesunshine mentioned a man or men in their comment, could it be you are just having a guilty conscience?
  5. Computer Geek
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    Computer Geek - July 24, 2012 7:15 pm
    When will they pass the law requiring bartenders to discuss the increased suicide risk with patrons?

    According to the National Institute of Health (

    "A large proportion of suicides in the United States are related to alcohol use. For example, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that the number of alcohol-attributable deaths among the 30,622 suicides that occurred in 2001 amounted to 6,995 (23%). Further, a meta-analysis of individual level studies by Smith et al. (1999) estimated the mean proportion of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) positive suicide victims to be around 29%, i.e., somewhat lower than the average of 37% that was estimated in a review of studies of acute alcohol use and suicidal behaviour by Cherpitel, Borges and Wilcox (2004)."
  6. SDSMTpph
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    SDSMTpph - July 24, 2012 5:10 pm
    It is the physicians duty to inform a patient of all potential consequences of a procedure, part of the oath they took when they earned their M.D. or D.O.. The fact that there is an increased risk of suicide is just that, a fact. Ignorance isn't bliss, and it's pretty ridiculous to assert that women shouldn't be told a specific side effect of an abortion.
  7. Bobbie
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    Bobbie - July 24, 2012 4:38 pm
    wherethesunshine the women of south dakota, and the whole USA, have control of themselves. They can control on if they get pregnant and have a baby, or not get pregnant and not have a baby. Stop turning this into a man controlling woman thing. Because it is not.
  8. wheresthesunshine
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    wheresthesunshine - July 24, 2012 3:48 pm
    Wow. I don't understand why South Dakotan women allow themselves to be controlled like this! Don't you care?? Come on!
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