Pete Anderson has lived in Rapid City for 47 years and was a life and health insurance salesman for 30. On Tuesday, he was standing on the second floor of Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, trying to sell something else: Protandim.

Protandim, as Anderson explains it, is a supplement for "all mammals." At his stand, there are blue bottles of the original Protandim supplement alongside larger PhysIQ bottles that claim to possess fat-burning and probiotic properties. Humans, cats, dogs, even horses can take the original Protandim supplement, which is what brings Anderson and Protandim to the Stock Show for the first time, Anderson said.  

Owned by Lifevantage, a Utah-based wellness company, Protandim relies on a network marketing business model and is supposedly packed with antioxidants that possess anti-inflammatory characteristics. When Anderson's friend introduced him to the product, he was skeptical. Eventually, he decided to give it a try.

"I was able to decrease my use of blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine because of it," said Anderson, a type-2 diabetic. 

Now he's not only a firm believer in its medicinal properties, but also a salesman.