Bond is set at $60,000 for two men from Minnesota and Wisconsin caught hauling marijuana and hashish through South Dakota.

A South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper arrested 64-year-old Dennis A. Krivinchuk of Superior, Wisc., and Richard Ward, 66 of Duluth, Minn., on Monday afternoon.

The men had 60 pounds of marijuana and 150 grams of hashish in their vehicle, according to a spokesperson for the South Dakota Attorney General.

Both men are charged with possession with intent to distribute, possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

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humpty dumpty

hanstara: well the same could be said for you. it isn't legal here. if you don't like it, leave. there are places it is legal. go there.

and I'm all for that argument as long as it goes for everything. if you haven't had an abortion, don't vote on it. if you don't wear fur, shut up and move on. if you don't kill endangered animals, same thing. if you haven't played football for the Washington Redskins, you have no opinion on it........can I vote on legalizing marijuana if I HAVE used it in the past, seen people who were hurt by it, or just if I currently use it?


When I read this on-line forum, and someone's response to an opinion they don't agree with is that the writer should just leave, my blood boils. That is such an arrogant and rude comment to make. This is not your city, county or state where you can dictate the rules. We all live here. The first time that I recall hearing that line of reasoning had to do with the Viet Nam war, or more specifically those who were opposed to it. Don't like what America is doing? Love it or leave it. That still infuriates me.


Remember folks, South Dakota is almost always a little behind compared to other states and places, I'm not against marijuana but neither do I smoke it, I have seen it do wonders for a lot of people vs taking prescription drugs, and I've also seen a lot of people lay around and do nothing, but i think those people would do that anyway, pot is just an excuse. Of course for now its illegal, but give it a couple 2 - 5 years it will come.
If the people running pot would refrain from smoking until the get to where they are going, maybe they would remember to drive the speed limit and not get pulled over, or maybe they had the munchies and were in a hurry to get to the corner store?
Now can we all just get along...


I like when people speak out about pot legalization and have not a clue what they are talking about.. The people that have never smoked it and never seen it. Im going to start complaining about churches. Because they suck up money and brain wash people. Lets vote so people cannot attend church..... Why not ? I do not go to church so it does not effect me..

Moral of the story, If you do not like it then do not do it.. That goes for the vote's that you throw into the pool also.


The pain Medication they give out today has pages of side effects and will put you 6 feet under the ground if you overdose.... Show me a article of 1 person that died because he overdosed on pot and i will show you Thousands of Victims of Opiate pain killers.

humpty dumpty

even if they legalized marijuana, the amount would be a felony, the hash would be a felony. they would still sit in jail. looking like all the pot smokers have already posted, mad that their order got nabbed.


Brilliant, now instead of Minnesota paying for their likely incarceration, trials, appeals, and incarceration - Pennington County and South Dakota will pay, and pay. Perhaps legislators will consider taking these county costs out of the highway patrol budget.


Job security for the cops, courts, and jails. What a racket. Havent we destroyed enough lives with this bologna. Meanwhile the FDA approves another highly dangerous pain-killer.


We have the who & the what but why were they pulled over in the first place. Hope it was not for only 2 mph over the speed limit or speeding up before they reached the speed limit sign. All these are things I been pulled over for but only in SD. What happened to the big billboards that said if you bring drugs into SD plan to stay a long long time.

Hope the next time they bring pot up for a vote that it goes thru we need to leave pot alone & go after the mep problem. Many people here don't want it but than when a loved one gets cancer than many of them are the first ones breaking the law & friends of them also break the law to help them get pot. Its to bad it takes someone dieing for people to see the good that pot can do.

Myself have a lot of pain from my health but my doctor drug tests me for my pain meds because I use to have a medical 215 in Cal for pot. Everyday I want to move to a state where pot is legal but all my family lives here so I live with pain. Meds help but don't get rid of it. A person should not have to leave your kids & grandchildren behind to get out of pain & a person should not have to live with pain all the time when pot works, if it is ok in one state it should be ok in all the states.

Like the old saying said, God made weed man made alcohol you decide.


Just legalize it already.

Bob Green

crazy! let them go

Bob Green

Poor guys. Just attempted a grateful deed for some people in need!! I guess they will be our neighbors for a few years here in South Dakota at our cost ( tax payers) Can we maybe just be smart and legalize it!!! Duh!

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