Kudos to the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City for bringing the a capella group Tonic Sol Fa to the Rapid City Historic Theater. The performance was amazing, and we look forward to them coming back. 

Beware everyone of the newest scam out there supposedly coming from the Social Security Administration. I received two calls supposedly claiming to be from Social Security saying my number is on hold until I call Social Security to verify my number — total scam per Social Security Administration, and they are investigating the number being given to call.

Don't get mad at Thune, Rounds and Noem. You all voted for them and contributed to this — and you are surprised about the tax scam?

What is really getting old are all the politicians catering to wealthy donors at the expense of the average citizen.

Reading the Journal's article about a drop in Colorado's unwanted pregnancies (54 percent) and abortions (64 percent) with increased access to free or low-cost intrauterine devices sounds positive as more focus should be on preventing South Dakota pregnancies. A small investment could save millions of social service tax dollars.