Republicans in the Legislature want ballot measure petitions that receive out-of-state money to have the disclaimer, "Paid for in part with out-of-state money." Perhaps, their campaign materials should be required to have the same disclaimer.

Thank you Cathie Harris for your work helping our less fortunate. The police department and mayor are absolutely wrong in not supporting your mission.

What is heartless is giving an alcoholic the false sense of security by thinking they can drink as much alcohol as they can consume in all kinds of weather and be safe in a temporary shelter.

The cold didn't kill those people; look at the real problem. Maybe open the old Prairie Market building as a shelter and a work center.  

Hooray and kudos to Take it Back SD ballot initiative sponsors for getting the drug-pricing initiative on the ballot, which 80 percent of voters agree with and the state tax dollars being spent on lower negotiated prices for drugs.

The stock show is proof we don't need a new civic center or arena as we are not a big city (like Sioux Falls, Denver) on the circuit for big entertainment. The mayor needs to quit beating a dead horse and make his legacy by fixing our streets.