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Two Cents

Another event at the civic center showing we don't need a new building. Do the repairs and quit trying to shove it down our throats after we voted against a new civic center.

Rapid City tomorrow will not look like Rapid City today. Will tomorrow’s Rapid City slide into mediocrity or continue its awesome upward trajectory?

One person's voter-suppression is another person's voter-verification. If a person is eligible to vote, it is not difficult to prove.

Governor candidate Sutton, I don’t know what you are “trolling for” with the prompting of legislator release of emails. A ridiculous path to subject our legislative group to go through. 

Gubernatorial candidate Jackley's new TV ad brags about how he fought federal corruption. Meanwhile, stovepipe government in the state appears to feed the GOP gravy train without any real opposition from Jackley. 

Now, I know why my property taxes went up again — the Legislature thought they needed a 97 percent pay raise. Let the public vote on that one.

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The president wants to arm teachers to protect our children. We should arm the president and lay off the Secret Service. 

Explain to me why doctors are required to carry malpractice insurance and politicians are not?

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