Running a 5K on Thanksgiving could seem like a good way to make room for the grand feast afterward. But a fruit pie at the finish line could stifle any effort to slim down before getting stuffed.

More than 1,000 people came together to run, walk or trot 3.1 miles for the annual Turkey Trot at Old Storybook Island on Thursday morning. The event isn't competitive. Winning one of 350 Colonial House pies raffled at the finish line is unrelated to a person's run time.

"Families come together here for a sense of togetherness," said Kimberley Osberg, vice president of the Black Hills Runners Club, the organizers of the annual event. "It's the meaning behind Thanksgiving."

All profits from the Turkey Trot are donated to Rapid City. Last year, the Trot raised $9,500. The runners club bought land below Dinosaur Park, which they donated to the city for development into a trail system, Osberg said.

Osberg hinted to fellow organizers that she wanted to run in the Turkey Trot this year while balancing logistical duties. They preferred Osberg stick to one task, she said. But after Osberg's family finishes their Thanksgiving meal, they traditionally go on a hike. "I'll work it off after," she said.

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It's definitely a fun run! The pies are great too!

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