Letters: May 19, 2011

2011-05-19T08:00:00Z Letters: May 19, 2011 Rapid City Journal
May 19, 2011 8:00 am

Infant mortality rate embarrassing

"Infant mortality lingering problem," says the Journal's May 11 editorial. The governor's solution? A study "task force."

How can a state which insists women and girls should be forced to bear unwanted children read this, and not be embarrassed? This is an ongoing problem caused by racism, sexism and neglect by the state.

The article said, "This problem is too big to ignore. Mothers need to take care of themselves during pregnancy. Babies need a safe environment in which they can thrive. Both need better health care."

Where has South Dakota been? Out to lunch? Catering to religious nuts?

Where is this state when poor young women end up in a motel with their children? Where are the fathers? She has done her part giving birth for the state. When does the father play his part? Some people think she deserves only contempt for having children out of wedlock. And does getting pregnant make anyone a responsible mother?

Bravo for those who are, but for those who can't, since some are children themselves, the results are poverty, violence, gangs and cell blocks.

Children without food, love and security will take their resentment out on someone eventually, not always the "bad guys."


Rapid City

Feds finally figure out pine beetles kill trees

Rather than managing our natural resources, controlling the pine bark beetle infestation, the U.S. Forest Service has completed a new study which states "red needles of a tree killed in a mountain pine beetle attack can ignite up to three times faster than the green needles of a healthy tree."

The study goes on to say "beetle killed trees can hold 10 times less moisture than live trees." Let's see if we can figure this out: The tree is dead.

The U.S. Forest service has finally made a dramatic discovery: Pine beetles kill pine trees. Wow they finally did it. Now our forests can be saved. Whoops what forests? Wonder how many dollars it cost the American taxpayer to figure this one out?



Hockey team thanked for great season

Thank you, Rapid City Rush, for the great hockey season. Rush players and its support team are super role models with team spirit, sportsmanship, community involvement and caring attitudes. The cup may have left for this season but will return soon as evidenced by your hard work and dedication.

To those players leaving after this season, thank you for a job well done. Wherever you go they will be lucky to have you. To those returning, we're looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

In the meantime, have a well deserved rest. We will be anxious to renew our season tickets, along with the other greatest fans in the league, for another great season of hockey. Till then, we hang up our jerseys and the cowbell is silenced, but not for long. See you for the 2011-2012 season. Go Rush!


Rapid City


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