Trump addressing historical wrongs

President Trump has laid out an agenda to right gross inequities that are burdensome to U.S. taxpayers. Historical unfair trade agreements are being adjusted, European nations have been warned that Russian tanks sit on their borders not ours and that their continued reneging on long ago established sharing of costs is not negotiable, and how “fair” is the fact that the anti-American United Nations conglomerate expects the U.S. to pay 25 percent of its annual budget given 193 sovereign states with equal representation.

In regards to the Paris Climate Accord, where are the doomsday environmentalists that see no issue with China, the number one world polluter, given a ”free pass" to continue polluting through 2030, or lndia, a signee after given billions in bribes, allowed to double its coal production through 2020. In the meantime, the U.S. is to restrict or destroy fossil fuel jobs and pay billions into the Accord so that presumably Chinese solar panels can be installed into straw roofs in every banana republic. Enough with the U.S. taxpayer subsidizing the world.

DeWayne Walker

Rapid City

Trump's actions are indefensible

In my mind, I've given President Trump a fair chance to convince me he is a competent, fair and honest leader. I've defended some of his decisions and thought some of news reports were unfair, but I've had enough.

Competent? Hardly. The health-care issue is complicated, who would have known? Duh, just about everyone. His knowledge of government functionality is incredibly limited and putting his presidency in a bad light. Asking officials, under separate government branches to do things, like a CEO would, not even knowing the lines he is crossing. Fair? His actions, words and sweeping changes are reckless without regard for his fellow man. Big tough man, stomp your feet, bully others and stay the course. Honest? There are too many examples of dishonesty to list, contradictions and outright lies, masked as alternative facts. I will just say, who do you believe Mr. Comey or President Trump? I hope there are tapes and they are released unaltered.

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I'm proud I'm a Democrat and happy I didn't vote for this president. I respect the office, but not the person holding it. President Trump, you are an embarrassment. I will no longer defend you to others, good luck.

Kent Hersey

Hill City

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