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Return Nordstrom to City Council

We are fortunate to have people in City Hall who are dedicated to the welfare of our community. One of those people, Ritchie Nordstrom, stands out as a true public servant. He knows Rapid City from the streets up and works full time to make this a better place.

Ritchie is passionate about improving our infrastructure, about flood control and about public-private partnerships to promote economic development. You can call Ritchie with a neighborhood problem or a citywide issue and be assured that he will return your call.

I am happy to call Ritchie Nordstrom my friend and feel that he has earned another term as the City Council representative for Ward 2. Please cast your vote for Ritchie Nordstrom for City Council.

Susan Kelts

Rapid City

Weaver will fight for taxpayers

I am honored to endorse Tonchi Weaver for RCAS School Board. Tonchi is the candidate who has the knowledge, passion and experience to be a vital School Board member. Tonchi has studied state and federal documents in order to educate herself and others on the dangers of Common Core and Inquiry Math in our school curriculum.

 She has gone to Pierre as a lobbyist, paying her own expenses in order to protect our students and our tax dollars. Tonchi will put the focus back on students and off the well-paid administrative bureaucracy. Tonchi has earned the respect and endorsement of parents and lawmakers across the state through her continued tireless efforts to bring awareness about the harm caused to our students by Common Core and the high price tag of the curriculum to taxpayers.

Tonchi will work to get our students the quality education they deserve and we pay for. She has the courage to question practices that are harmful to children. She's a charter member of Citizens for Academic Transparency. Vote for Tonchi Weaver to help restore quality education and successful lives for our students in public schools.

Jodie Frye-Byington

Rapid City

Armstrong ready for City Council

The residents of Ward 5 have the opportunity to select and elect Laura Armstrong to represent them. I strongly encourage you to do just that. I have known Laura for over eight years, and she is someone who is very passionate about not only her own quality of life but the quality of life for others.

Laura will work very hard as your representative on the City Council. She has been an outspoken advocate for the local MS group by supporting them with their adaptive yoga classes, MS Walk and programs. She is also a strong advocate for the animal shelter and public library.

Laura's passion for life and making it the best it can be for all will translate in a fresh voice and perspective for you.

Nancy Jaros

Rapid City  

Weaver best pick for school board

I've known Tonchi Weaver ever since I moved to Rapid City several years ago. She introduced herself and made me feel welcome in my new surroundings. Since that day, I've come to know her as an intelligent and caring person who is very well informed.

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She cares about the issues that I care about. I don't know anyone else who spends their own money and vacation time to attend important meetings or lobby in the Legislature. She has taken action that has saved local taxpayers a lot of money — like bringing the wheel tax the state tried to force on us to a vote. Like me, Tonchi has grandchildren in public schools. I trust her to look out for the kids and listen to parents’ concerns. She will ask the questions no one else will. She has more energy and drive than most people I know and will work hard for us; she will do her homework.

I'm happy that Tonchi has decided to run for the School Board and that I can vote for her — Ward 3, Precinct 1 is in Area 5. I hope those folks and everyone else will vote for Tonchi Weaver on June 6.

Kim Galloway

Rapid City

DeMaro has vision for the future

Having lived away from Rapid City for the past 18 years in cities of various economic conditions across the world, I always return home to a new restaurant, community initiative or downtown amenity that brings a smile to my face. It's very encouraging to see my hometown continue to seek new ways to provide the community with a thriving, active and family-friendly lifestyle. Without such efforts, the ability to draw in new citizens — and keep your current ones happy — suffers.

Behind many of these initiatives is Tony DeMaro, my old high school classmate and a longtime friend. He has done incredible work in finding attractive solutions to challenging problems, and the fruits of his labor appear across Rapid City’s landscape. He’s brought the lessons learned from his years living in Boston and applied them successfully to the “Star of the West,” and I guarantee you that many business owners in the city would say his efforts have boosted their own patronage as well.

I encourage all residents of Ward 5 to vote for Tony DeMaro on June 6 — with his representation, the sky’s the limit.

Matt Schaar

San Francisco, California

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