Sutton a good candidate for governor

I was glad to read in the Journal that State Senate Democratic leader Billie Sutton of Burke will run for South Dakota governor in 2018. I think that Sutton will be a good choice for the majority of average South Dakota folks (Republican, Democratic, and Independent) who want a governor who will work hard to bring good jobs and good education for all to our state.

Sutton will also be a breath of fresh air in Pierre who will "change the culture of corruption" in state government which has given us things like the EB-5 visa program scandal in recent years. I think that Sutton's legislative service and experience as an investment consultant, as a rancher, and as a rodeo rider paralyzed in a 2007 rodeo accident will make him a good choice to be our next governor. I admire his words in the article "never give up and never quit".

I hope that South Dakota voters will study the issues and the candidates and vote for Billie Sutton for governor in 2018.

David Nickel


Presidents should work with Congress

Was it a mistake for Trump to honor his campaign pledge and withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord? Let’s look back on the history of the agreement and the Obama administration.

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Obama said he would kill the coal industry and that the price of American energy would “necessarily skyrocket.” Whether you agree with this or not, Obama’s approach and his legacy were built on sand. He boasted, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” and that he would use those to take on Congress. Now we find that Trump also has a pen and a phone and can just as easily undo Obama’s work. The problem here is that a president is supposed to work with Congress, and the Constitution of our federation requires that a “treaty” can only be enacted by a two-thirds vote of the Senate; Obama didn’t do this. This is important in that it gives continuity between administrations and gives the states a say. So whether you agree with the treaty or not, the proper course is to have a discussion involving the American people and the State Department, and finally the president can send the treaty to the US Senate for ratification.

Daniel Mulally

Rapid City

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