Commission should OK road project

Twelve years ago, Pennington County obtained a federal grant to pave an 11-mile segment of South Rochford Road. Because of the need for an in-depth environmental study, the project was delayed. The final report was issued last year and the project was put on the county highway schedule. Now, Pennington County commissioners are considering ways to take the money from the project. This is not right. During this time, residents patiently waited, participated in community meetings and provided members for a Public Steering Committee.

Travelers on this road dodge the washboard, pot holes and frost heaves. Many cars, trucks or stock trailers have been pulled from the treacherous “S” curve. And the dust is suffocating and adversely affects the health of humans, animals and the environment. When funding was sought, one goal was to create an all-weather road to connect Rochford and Hill City and as an alternate to 385. The Hill City Council, the Heart of the Hills Economic Development organization and the Hill City Area Chamber of Commerce support this project.

Today, county commissioners will hold a public meeting at 5:30 p.m. We hope people will attend and ask them to keep the promise and complete the road.

Sue and Fred Schwaneke


Trump has become the swamp

John Thune’s column points out the farm legislation he has accomplished over the last few years. Yet, he says nothing about how it would be wiped out, along with most farm aid, in President Trump’s budget. Why is Thune not speaking out? Like most Republicans, he seems terrified of clashing swords with the dysfunctional, lying President whose poorly written and ill-conceived budget can’t even get through a Congress and Senate controlled by his own party.

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Thune, Kristi Noem and Mike Rounds prefer to sit back and say nothing and let Trump’s bizarre attempts at crafting legislation die quietly. Will any Republican beside John McCain speak out against the madness of a President who will throw all his own supporters under the bus just to claim some victory, any victory, for his own ego?

Everyone knew Trump had no morals. Now, we see he is not very smart, has no bargaining skills, and has a very shallow grasp of politics. His bizarre actions, and growing paper trail of lies, have spread the seeds for countless investigations into his own behavior and ethics. Trump has become a swamp himself.

Bruce Junek

Rapid City  

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