GOP tax bill will boost the economy

In the Oct. 10 Two Cents feature, someone said that lowering taxes would make the country’s money problems worse. That's just not true.

With Kristi Noem and President Trump’s new plan to cut taxes, people will save thousands of dollars a year. If that money was in the government's hands, it would just be used for another federal program. If we leave it in the people's hands, they're going to do something with it. They're going to buy a new car, send their kid to college, or put it away for retirement. All of this will create jobs or give people the education they need to fill those jobs — that build wealth and prosperity for people from all walks of life.

The bottom line is that our country doesn’t have a money problem because we tax too little. In fact, it's the opposite. We tax too much and it stops us from being able to grow.

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Kalie Kjerstad


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