'Getting small' is a military term

As a former USMC helicopter pilot that served in Vietnam in 1968, I can appreciate Senator Thune's comment of getting small.

Having been shot at too many times to count, I always tried to get as small as possible. It's kind of a military term and only those that have never served in combat will use the term small against our senator.

In today's society, ignorance often rules.

Rocky Darger

Rapid City

Columnist has his blinders on

David Rook’s Sept. 21 column indicates he has blinders on regarding the mental stability, behavior and abilities of President Trump. Rooks has an unrealistic understanding of the accomplishments of this president, elected not by majority of U.S. voters, but by the Electoral College and helped by various Russian influences.

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Trump has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, an extremely fragile ego and an insatiable sense of greed. His pledge to “drain the swamp” has gotten lost in his scramble to capitalize through financial exploitation of his Trump-brand businesses and his hiring of millionaires and billionaires to staff his cabinet and White House. Trump has yet to get all of his travel ban approved, has no border wall, has not steered the “repeal and replacement of Obamacare,” and has not identified what programs will lose funding to pay for all the tax cuts currently proposed.

Yet, Trump keeps chipping away at our environmental protections, continues to promulgate racial as well as political divisiveness, and continues the merry-go-round of cabinet members and White House staffers and distractions from the “Russia” investigations that keep dogging him. “Yes sir, we have a president” all right, but he’s leading us off a cliff.

Jerry Meyer

Black Hawk

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