Police believe that a home invasion and attempted robbery is what led to the fatal shooting of 21-year-old man early Tuesday morning at a mobile home in Rapid City.

Thomas Wilson, the 69-year-old homeowner, was beaten with a blunt object before he shot his attacker several times, according to the Rapid City Police Department, which received a call about the shooting at 4:43 a.m.

The alleged intruder has been identified as Dallas Two Bulls, 21, also of Rapid City. Two Bulls died inside Wilson’s mobile home.

Located one block north of East North Street, Riley Court forms the southernmost boundary of Meadowlark Hill Mobile Estates. A well-kept collection of cozy mobile homes lines one side of the street that ends in a cul-de-sac. A commercial storage area is on the other side of the street.

Janice Minshall, who lives two lots from Wilson’s home, said she was woken by sirens just before 5 a.m. Wednesday. She stepped outside briefly at the time and did not learn until two hours later that someone had died at the mobile home.

“There’s never any trouble here,” said Minshall, who has lived on the street for seven years.

Minshall only knows Wilson by sight. He is a quiet man who lives alone with a small dog, she said. His wife died almost four years ago.

“He stays home most of the time,” Minshall said.

A blue Dodge Durango parked under the carport in front of Wilson’s home has a handicapped license plate with a frame identifying the recipient as a Vietnam veteran. A bumper sticker on the vehicle pays tribute to Vietnam prisoners of war and those missing in action.

“There’s nothing here worth your life,” a decal on the Durango’s rear window says.

A tan car was parked next to the curb in front of Wilson’s home. On the sidewalk next to the car were a half-filled tumbler of amber-colored liquid, two liquor bottles and a plastic shopping bag.

“That car doesn’t belong here,” Minshall said. “I’ve never seen it before.”

Minshall’s neighbor, Julie Shauger, has lived on Riley Court for four years. She also said that it’s a peaceful place to live.

“Except for last night,” Shauger said, shrugging. Like Minshall, Shauger only knows Wilson by sight. Her first concern Wednesday was for Wilson’s health.

“Hopefully, he’ll be OK,” she said.

Investigators were still at Wilson’s home when a black SUV pulled up about 10 a.m. Tuesday. In the front passenger’s seat sat a bandaged man wearing a hospital gown.

After talking to the SUV’s occupants, an investigator retrieved portable oxygen bottles and a small bag from the Durango. He handed the items into the SUV before it drove away.

The case remains open, and the Rapid City Police Department and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office are continuing the investigation.

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In loving memory of Dallas Two Bulls.


Let's see if someone over three times younger than I am is beating me and I have a gun, I'm going to use it and I'm sure not going to shoot myself.


I've been thinking about this and come to the conclusion that this situation is not sad. I am proud of that vet for defending his homestead and taking out a bad guy. I am not sad for the deceased, as his actions (and his actions alone) dictated the outcome. I call it instant justice, not sad. On the contrary, I am glad this turned out the way it did. This sends a pretty clear message to those who would break into homes in Rapid City. Criminals, you are taking your lives into your own hands when you attack citizens here. There are plenty more homeowners with firearms. Roll the dice and see what happens.


The Fact that the homeowner not only defended our country for us and had to bear witness to the bad things of war, and now having to deal with another death due to the greed of a criminal. For that I am sad but proud of this man.


Sorry for anyone who thought that i was being mean on my post but i don't like people saying that cause then it looks like our park has a bad rep and we don't


My prayers to the homeowner and the deceased.


Tell me again why you are praying for the deceased? I need to know what your logic is. He was trying to kill a 69 year old veteran.


I for one will be praying that what ever circumstances that led this young man to make this poor choice can and will be corrected for future young people. "It takes a community to raise a child" so I am asking how I can be a more positive role model to Rapid Cities youth, and what activities I can provide or volunteer for to help shape healthy life choices. I already volunteer for several youth activities, do you? Or is it easier to just condemn.....


Church groups, local community action partners, and my occupation is serving my fellow man. So yeah, but this isn't about me, now is it? It's about a bad guy who broke in to a 69 year old vet's home and tried to kill him. So I understand praying for the families involved and the victim. I do not understand praying for the dead bad guy. It seems like a waste of time at this point.


But glock you don't get it....it wasn't his fault that he went into this mans home and tried to rob/kill him....it is our fault according to the bleeding hearts out there.....someday they will realize all people are not good, and if some people commit crimes.....believe it or not.....sometimes they are actually just dirtballs and do not deserve our sympathy.


Um i haven't live in Meadowlark for almost 6 years and there has not been a whole lot of crime!! This is only the second break in that we have had in the last almost 6 years i have lived here!! They have it in other neighborhoods also!! Just saying! I don't know what crime you are talking about but i have lived here long enough that there are car braek ins and kids acting stupid but anywhere you go they have that!!


This is a good argument for the right to keep and bear arms. Protection from home invasion.And before you go all victims rights on me, I have never been shot because I have never attempted a home invasion or robbery. I call that taking personal responsability.


Why recently? What's changed? It looks like a well kept park,if there was all that trouble I would say look at the police logs and see if there have been numorous reports,and if those reports have been addressed. Iam just so sick and tired of hearing about these hoodlums and gangs that think they can just live off of terrorizing and strong arming innocent hardworking citizens. If you want respect then go get a job and become a productive part of society. I don't want to hear about your poor upbringing or your poor pitiful me excuses! You earn respect not demand it. Get a job and get a life! Not only was this poor man probably terrified he now has to live with the fact that he took a young mans life.What is fair about that?


It is a sad story and my prayers to both families. Thank God this man lives in a country that allows you the right to protect yourself-with deadly force if necessary. The criminals will always be able to get guns,just like drugs in this country...


knowing that park far better than most i have to say the previous manager was a very caring and concerned guy who took it all to heart, the new manager seems very good as well and this is a very decent park or actually a small comunity that has a waiting list for folks to move to. it certainly has no more problems than any other area fo town and probably far less.


Thank you for your comment!! The manager that was there before was an awesome guy and did everything he could to keep that Park in good condition!! I haven't lived there for almost 6 years and i love it the people are all nice and its actually a very quiet neighborhood we have problems with certain things their but what neighborhood doesn't.


There been plenty of trouble in that trailer park recently, this has just been the worst case. I moved out of there several months ago because no one from the owners, to the manager, to the police seemed to care that drug dealers, car break ins, peeping toms and general craziness has become the norm in there!

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