Rapid City Area School students will start class two hours late tomorrow.

The National Weather Service has forecasted wind chills from 30 to 50 below.



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The paper said 10 mins or less of exposure causes frostbite.

Now think of all those kids that walk a mile or more to school. It's not like they can run or else they could fall on the ice, be knocked unconscious, and lay there until they come to half an hour later with a black nose and missing a finger or two. Just call school off when there is a chance a 9 year old could die on the way to school and make it up at the end of the year. It's not like 1 day is going to make a difference in their education.


Are we having a heat wave in those two hours? Is it any safer for the children to be out at 9:30 AM than 7:30 AM? There are many children that walk to school in Rapid City and they are not necessarily all dressed well for the weather. School should be called off for the day. Wednesday is supposed to be warmer.


[quote]Minuteman said: "Dang we've gotten soft!"[/quote]

Are you walking to school or waiting for a bus? You should organize a car pool if you're not.


Dang we've gotten soft!

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