Council Member Ron Sasso said Friday he has unfinished business he would like to complete while announcing his plans to seek a second term in office.

The representative of Ward 5, which includes West Rapid, said that while his first two years on the council have been productive, there is more he wants to do, especially in the area of economic development.

"I think that we have a great climate right now for economic development, and that's something I'd really like to push and continue supporting," Sasso, 48, said.

Sasso notes a little-discussed measure he helped push through that calls for the testing and rating of all streets for design certification, which he said allows city employees to ensure quality and prevent developers from cutting corners with their projects.

"It's a huge thing, and to me it fixes problems of roads moving forward. There are a lot of times where we had to redo roads more frequently," Sasso said.

He said he also worked to find a balance between allowing access to information on library computers while preventing children and others from seeing pornographic images after complaints were made to the library. Filters were eventually installed on all computers, though librarians can turn them off if a patron requests it.

During his first term, Sasso also advocated for prayer before city council meetings and voted against longer terms for council members.

Sasso, a professional counselor, has three children and a wife of 20 years.

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Ed Randazzo
Ed Randazzo

I suspect that Ron is not a self-righteous blowhard liberal loon that sees everything they disagree with as racist. I am waiting for these racialists to say that if all folks don't go out in the dark that they are racists.

Frank Smith
Frank Smith

Sasso is a good man. Any attempt by the good old boys to try to link anyone (other than Clayton himself) to Clayton's racist comments is just an attempt at old fashioned dirty politics. I see the trend by a few people on these blogs to do just that. The voters in general know full well that you hold the person accountable for his actions, not somebody who had nothing to do with it whatsoever.


They linked themselves. Some of us just point it out. Most people see it, despite your efforts against it.

Sasso is a good guy, but that isn't enough. That's like telling your friend the blind date " has a great personality..."


I voted for Ron in his first term as ward 5 councilman but will not vote for him again! Ron made the decision to not condemn the actions of Bill Clayton or demand his resignation so to me that means he must approve of him! People judge you by the company you keep. If Ron approves of Bill Clayton I will not vote for him!


peanut - Sasso has publicly stated that he was the alderman who chewed out Clayton in executive session. The council voted unanimously to do nothing. Taisha Walker had also considered the incident resolved as of September 4, 2012 (page 18 of the investigative report). Please read the entire report. Yes, Clayton was wrong for what he said. Several other council members have used name-calling on the dais including references to mental illness, which is insensitive as well.


Ron you sound like a child here. Other people did it so it is alright. Start thinking for your self and not following the lead given to you by others. You did link yourself to the Clayton comments. It is not that hard to get along in the sand box and collaborate with the other council members for the better good of Rapid City. I see your list of accomplishments are very limited. You have spent to much time on nonsense issues. Please either reconsider running or bring your own indepedent thought process to the table.


No, Wofy, I did not say it is right. Two wrongs are still wrong. Other people doing similar things is wrong as well. You are reading too much filtered news instead the actual report that is public information. Clearly you still haven't read it or skipped those parts. I stand by my vote from that executive session as it was the correct vote based on facts---plain and simple. It was about voting and not about racism (with no other witnesses). It later changed into racism as testimony also changed (which is also in the report).The Wing Nuts issue was about the First Amendment which I have sworn an oath to protect. I also stand by the accomplishments of my term. List off the top of my head: Road core sampling and infrastructure acceptance prior to releasing warranty/surety (positively affecting every road that is built in Rapid City); keeping taxes lower; offered up a cut to Main Street Square (which did not get support, but MSS later turned back $100,000); nuisance tree ordinance; scheduled the only council retreat this term; library computer filters; currently working on increasing animal control hours to relieve stress on the police department (that hasn't made the news yet because it's not finished yet). Not bad for 18 months. Many of the issues that I have supported have passed narrowly and then were later supported completely (garbage rate reduction, disability ordinance). I am curious what would you have preferred to see out of a council member? Obviously the other antics (such as name calling) are fine---regardless if they are in poor taste and accomplish nothing. What would you rather have a person champion---supporting a select privileged few? A rubber stamp for the good ol' boys? I venture to guess that you don't like independent thinkers.

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