OACOMA | South Dakota school districts should have the flexibility to use state standards or their own systems for evaluating teachers, the state Board of Education decided Tuesday.

The evaluations must be conducted starting in the 2014-15 school year. 

School districts seeking to use their own systems will need approval from the state secretary of education and show research supporting their systems, which must align with the state's framework.

“I think it is important to allow districts to have that flexibility,” said State Board President Don Kirkegaard, who is the superintendent of the Meade school district.

South Dakota will seek permission from the U.S. Department of Education for a one-year delay in using evaluation results in personnel decisions at individual schools, according to Abby Javurek-Humig, director of assessment and accountability for the state Department of Education.

No one spoke against any of the proposals, although the board adopted several amendments responding to comments that were previously received from school administrators.

The three sets of changes now proceed to the Legislature’s rules review committee for final approval. The committee meets Nov. 12.

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Personally I do not care what evaluation system this state is going to have or this school. All that matters is if it is effective or not. By the way, as long the evaluation system is being revised; they should revise the system of education in general. So hopefully it will bring desired results. But still let’s not forget that accepted rules of evaluating written works (find where to order essay homework ) have to remain the same as kids will need to go to colleges where evaluation system is one.

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