February was a big month for building.

It's only two months into the year, and the city has issued $54 million in building permits. That's about a quarter of last year's $207.8 million total, meaning that construction this year is set to outpace 2012.

"If you look at the numbers compared to previous years, it's a pretty good chunk of the previous years and it's a pretty good chunk of the previous year's total," Community Planning Director Brett Limbaugh said Friday. "And the building season hasn't really even started yet."

All told, the city issued $31.7 million of building permits in February.

One of those was for a 216-unit apartment complex at Elks Crossing, a new development on the east side of town along Elk Vale Road and designed by Dream Design International. Eventually, that area will be developed into hundreds of single-family homes, a commercial strip of office space and retail and some industrial facilities.

The permit for just the apartments was worth $15.11 million. Construction is slated to finish in about a year and a half.

"They're building these buildings that are generally 12 unit or 24 unit, and then there are detached garages and then there's a clubhouse," said Limbaugh, adding that the $15.11 million permit was for all the buildings on site. "That's a big complex."

February also saw the first industrial permit of the year. WL Plastics is building a pipe-manufacturing facility on the northeast side of town, at 3660 Dyess Avenue. The permit is valued at $2.95 million, but that doesn't include a $500,000 foundation permit issued last year. With that, the total permit value tops $3 million.

"They wanted to get (the foundation) in there before the weather got nasty. We have the ability to issue a foundation permit separate from the building permit," Limbaugh said.

A new hotel is also going up on the east side of town near Interstate 90 and Elk Vale Road. The permit for the Baymont Inn at 4040 Cheyenne Blvd. is valued at $4.31 million.

Those three permits account for nearly $22.4 million of the permits that were approved in February.

An additional 54 single-family residential permits were approved in February, bringing the total for the year to 66.

"They're kind of spread out all over the place, but that's a good sign," Limbaugh said.

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That's awesome!! The saying goes, "If you build it, they will come"!! New homes, new apartments and new businesses is an wonderful thing!

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