The Rapid City woman accused of having an illicit relationship with a 14-year-old boy allegedly tattooed and groomed other boys, according to the Pennington County State's Attorney's office.

April Solles, 28, pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual contact with a child under 16 and three counts of fourth-degree rape involving the same victim at her arraignment Monday morning.

If convicted, of the charges she is facing, Solles could face a maximum penalty of 75 years in prison and $150,000 in fines.

Deputy state's attorney Sarah Morrison opposed an attempt by Solles' attorney Paul Winter to seek a reduction in his client's $100,000 bond from 7th Circuit Judge Jeff Davis.

Morrison said the state has learned more about the "extremes" Solles went to groom other youths, including tattooing them. The tattooing of minors without their parents' consent is a Class 2 misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

According to Morrison, the new allegations indicate that other children would be at risk if Solles is free on bond.

The Department of Social Services has custody of Solles' child, according to Winter.

Winter told Davis that his client is in discussions with DSS about the return of her child. She would live at home if her bond is reduced.

Davis, however, refused to reduce Solles bond, promising to reconsider her request once he is more familiar with the case.

Davis recently assumed oversight of the case after Circuit Judge Mary Thorstenson was recused from the case by the state's attorney's office.

Solles was arrested on Dec. 30 and initially charged with having sexual contact with a minor.

Her arrest came just two weeks after her 1-year-old daughter died in a Sioux Falls hospital on Dec. 18 from an acute blunt-force head injury.

A 14-year-old juvenile was arrested and charged with the child's death in juvenile court.

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All this chitter chatter about the woman the woman!!! I say how are the boys? Yeah it's different for the boys! Has anyone thought about the confusion going on in their heads? Has anyone considered the ramification of these acts on the rest of the boy's lives (one feeling those raminficaitons already)? The fact of the matter is when sex is introduced at a young age, confusion sets in and I love you equals sex and sex is I love you. I can only hope the boys are getting the proper care needed to stop the insanity of the ramification of this woman’s actions.


I believe that this woman---if these allegations turn out to be true---is just as much of a predator as any man who preys on young women. I believe the difference lies in the fact that, like it or not, losing your virginity is a lot different for a young woman than it is for a young man. For young men in their teens, its probably going to be at least enjoyable. You cannot say the same for young women. I dont need to spell it out more than that,and I doubt the Journal will even publish this.


"Feminist readers are likely to take particular note of the harsher sentences given to men, compared to women convicted of the same crimes. Mustard suggests that this may be caused by sexist paternalism among judges; women are seen less as full adults, and as being less capable of being responsible for their own actions, and as a result judges depart from sentencing guidelines to give women lighter sentences"
"Justime" since this is just one of hundreds studies making my point...your crime has a max rarly do women recieve anything close to their male counterpart.One case had a 15 yr old boy being molested by a 29 yr old women her defense lawyer had a exspert that stated "boys enjoy this kind of sex" she got 9 months.we had a guy in our community 35 yr old that mo;ested a 15 yr old girl get 25 yrs? My point is its the same crime/same shows women are treated totally differant and to me that is wrong.


to shunkaska: yet women tend to get their wrist slapped.

She is facing 75 years in prison and $150,000 in fines. Do you consider that a wrist slap? Don't get me wrong, I hope she is put away for the maximum. Sounds like you have some sort of chip on your shoulder.


It is amazing to follow these stories, men are villified for this offense, yet women tend to get their wrist slapped...and they say justice is blind?There is some good reading showing average sentances men vs women on the me sick is sick..

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