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Trump puts our future at risk

Trump’s agenda and the Republican agenda are the same…privatize, deregulate, and cut taxes until they can “drown our government in a bathtub”! Trump fired the Veterans Administration Secretary Shulkin because he failed to carry out the Koch agenda to privatize the VA. Meanwhile, Trump’s Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is eagerly encouraging and enabling special interest investors to exploit our public resources through privatization and deregulation.

Trump is increasingly demonstrating his authoritarian, dictatorial character. (In case you are not aware, privately owned enterprises are inherently authoritarian dictatorships.) He is becoming increasingly frustrated as his dictates are treated as irrelevant, irrational, or illegal. Consequently, he is becoming increasingly unhinged and reckless which is downright frightening given the resources and power of his position as president.

Trump has repeatedly demonstrated personality and character disorders that are contrary to the personality, temperament, and capabilities of an effective leader in a democratic society. Trump came into office promising to deliver huge benefits to our country due to his exceptional deal-making expertise. However, we are getting the same brand of shyster behavior he used to run his business. When Trump wins, we lose.

Douglas Erickson

Rapid City

New arena key to city's future

I hope voters will approve a new much better civic center arena.

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When my family moved to Rapid City, I was working in Public Health and felt we would live here a short period of time. Because of the dynamic, growing and forward-thinking community we found, we decided to become permanent residents. The fact that the civic center then drew big-name performers like Elvis Presley and Jay Leno was certainly a factor in our staying.

To continue to draw the best performers, we must have an updated state-of-the-art civic center arena.

Willis Sutliff

Rapid City

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