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Hadcock's been there for veterans

Thank you Deb Hadcock for your great work and continued commitment as County Commission chair. You have helped many veterans over the years and your passion truly runs deep. I have personally been on the receiving end of this help.

You assisted me with my submission package for the memorial project at the Disabled American Veterans Hall last year. I also know you were there for the surviving widow of a fellow fallen who desperately needed serious work done at her residence immediately but didn't have the funds to do it. Deb Hadcock knew who to ask to get the job done well and at a reduced cost to the poor woman. I also know you have been an active partner with veterans for many years, sometimes on boards of organizations, others times simply asking, “What can I do to help?”

Recently, you had to make a tough decision for a fellow veteran, but I feel it was the right decision based on current laws, rules and regulations. That's how a leader leads Deb. Thank you. I would encourage you to continue as chair on the Pennington County Commission and keep up the great work. It is truly much appreciated.

Dave Meltz

Rapid City

House candidates are politicians only

Being a Republican in South Dakota usually gives voters more choices at the ballot box. In recent years, however, the choices for U.S. representative have been limited to politicians, not statesmen.

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Trump surrogate Neal Tapio and his "if you are not a white Christian you are a lesser person" attitude is disgusting and disturbing. As a former PUC commissioner, Dusty Johnson never met a public utility rate increase request he didn't like. Shantel Krebs initially impressed me when she refused to give Kris Kolbach, the poster child for national voter suppression efforts, voter registration data from South Dakota. However, she recently touted his endorsement for her House race. In a Sept. 9, 2017, interview, Krebs proudly stated she was "all in" when Trump was elected. "All in" must mean she believes millions of immigrants and "dreamers" should be deported, millions of Americans don't deserve affordable health care, drilling and mining should be allowed on environmentally sensitive public lands without regulation, and tariffs are somehow beneficial to South Dakota agricultural producers.

Oh, for the days of true statesmen like Reifel, Mundt, McGovern and Johnson. Sadly, the next election cycle will just give us more politicians.

Bruce Oberlander


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