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US, Mexico have long been partners

A wall? The 45-vehicle Mexican Army convoy was quite a surprise to Texans as it rolled up Interstate 10 and went on to set up mobile kitchens near San Antonio. It was early September 2005, and the Mexicans came to help thousands of hungry Americans who’d been left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Between their arrival in early September and their departure on the 25th, the Mexican soldiers served 170,000 hot meals and distributed 184,000 tons of supplies. Mexican sailors, meanwhile, helped the people of Biloxi, Mississippi, deal with storm damage. We'd helped them, at times, too. I guess they appreciated it.

A wall between the two peoples? No. Mexican, Native and American history meet in the borderland. Migration has been a back and forth movement for centuries and will remain so into the future. We Americans prefer the likes of Facebook to reading serious history, but it has caught up with us anyway.

We need to keep our heads amidst Trump’s bouts of rage and hatred. Mexican and American peoples are dealing with tough issues, but helping one another is also part of our past. Our longer history tells us that we need each other to work these things out.

David Miller

Rapid City

Vote Ravnsborg for attorney general

I would like to take a moment and tell you about someone I know. Some may know him, some may not. I want to tell you about Jason Ravnsborg.

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When I found out that he was that he was in the Army, I understood more about why he was the way he was. I served in the Army and know the code and values we strive to live by daily in and out of uniform; Jason Ravnsborg exemplifies the Army core values. Jason does his best every day to be loyal, dedicated, respectable and selfless in his service to our state and country, honorable, maintain integrity and having personal courage to face any adversity.

Jason wants to work for South Dakota. Jason’s goal is to give the tools law enforcement needs to do their job and work to end the opioid epidemic. But most importantly, he believes in and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, which includes the Constitution of South Dakota. I’m a disabled veteran and am asking you to consider and vote for Jason Ravnsborg, candidate for South Dakota attorney general.

Beau Byrd

Hot Springs

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