Single-payer system works elsewhere

Yes, we have outstanding facilities such as the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, but people are dying and going bankrupt in the U.S. because our government treats health care as a privilege and not a right.

I lived in The Netherlands for nine years and found that their system works for all of the people. They provide government-regulated universal care for 60 percent of what we pay per capita and life expectancy is 2.6 years longer. The Dutch are secure knowing they can get care without going bankrupt.  Our health care system ranked 37th in the year 2000 World Health Organizations report on all national systems — just two above Cuba. Today, life expectancy in the U.S. is the same as in Cuba, 79 years. In a recent ranking by the Commonwealth Fund of 11 rich countries, the performance of our system ranked last. Canada ranked ninth and the UK was first.

Smart government regulation can improve the U.S. health care system without spending any more money. Instead the administration is sabotaging the ACA. Congress must abandon its free market ideology and stop rationing care by the size of one's bank account.

Robert Wilfong

Rapid City

Trump conning the American public

We have had con men throughout history. We have had lovable con men such as P.T. Barnum. People paid to be conned by Barnum. Politicians are all to some degree con men. That is in their training. When con men have leadership positions, we can have a very dangerous situation. We have to find a way to survive them all.

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Trump is the biggest con of them all. Trump could sell ice to the Eskimos or sand in the Sahara. Trump sold himself to the American voter. Trump won with his "fake news" campaign, and we ended up with a fake president. Trump voters and current supporters do not realize that virtually all of the "fake news,” "alternative facts" and outright lies come from Trump and company.

They tell so many lies that they don't know what the truth is themselves. The Trump administration would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous to our country. Those that continue to support Trump must like to be conned and lied to.

Howard Reid

Belle Fourche

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