Republican message seems incoherent

Kristi Noem says the Republican Congress has passed an unusual amount of legislation, half a year into a new administration. President Trump suggests that Mitch McConnell should step down as Senate majority leader if he can't pass any major legislation soon. Perhaps Noem should fill the president in on the legislative triumphs that have occurred.

John Thune blames obstructionist Democrats for stalling confirmation of Trump appointments. That's interesting, since Thune and his colleagues refused to hold hearings on an eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland for the last year of the Obama administration. Actually, Trump hasn't nominated anyone for most vacant positions in the State Department.

Vladimir Putin expelled over 750 U.S. diplomats from Russia, and Trump actually thanked him. We don't need many diplomats when our "diplomacy" consists of threatening catastrophic nuclear war.

Jay Davis

Rapid City

'Bathroom bill' not needed in SD

I read the Associated Press article in the August 11 Journal "Bathroom bill to wait for 2019 session." The story told of possible future strategies of the Family Heritage Alliance Action group to try again to have the South Dakota Legislature pass a bill addressing transgender student use of restrooms in South Dakota public schools. The alliance will likely wait until the 2019 Legislature when Kristi Noem or Marty Jackley may be the governor who would sign such a bill.

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I agree with our present conservative GOP Governor Dennis Daugaard who has said he would veto any such bill because it didn't address any pressing issue and that such decisions were best left to local schools.

I would think that most average state voters (Republican, Democratic, or independent) would agree that state government should spend its time working on pressing issues such as jobs and highways and not waste time catering to the prejudice of fringe groups such as the Family Heritage Alliance Action and its "bathroom bill.”

David Nickel


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