Transgenders should be allowed serve

I have to speak again. I will apologize beforehand so that those offended may skip my voice.

The president has stated that transgender people do not belong in the military. They will be discharged within six months and lose all benefits that may have had as a veteran. Again, he has shown no tolerance for those who are different than white, straight Christian males. This decision is wrong, but our representatives in Congress have not said a word for or against this injustice. I have heard representatives from other states express their dissatisfaction to this presidential order, but not anything from the state of South Dakota.

Again I ask others to speak out and contact our representatives of Congress to right this injustice.

Michael Poper


Climate-change fight gains allies

In spite of the divisive rhetoric we hear every day, there are those in our government who are working hard to make the world a better place. The Climate Solutions Caucus in the House of Representatives has recently grown to 50 members, 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats.

 In announcing the new members of the caucus, Rep. Curbelo (R-Florida) stated the following: “Now 50 members strong, the Climate Solutions Caucus is evidence that there is a growing, diverse and bipartisan coalition of members of Congress ready to put petty politics aside and find meaningful solutions to the challenges posed by sea level rise and climate change. We have a responsibility to our constituents and future generations to present a united front to combat anti-climate policies and to have a productive, fact-based dialogue about market-oriented solutions, investments and innovations that could mitigate the effects of climate change and make our nation more resilient. I’m thankful to these new members for joining our efforts. Together, we are showing the American people that members of Congress can work across party lines to improve quality of life in our communities and strengthen our great nation.”

Now, that is how our government should work.

Harold Arns

Box Elder  

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All violence must be condemned

It is absolutely necessary to deplore and condemn as totally unacceptable white supremacists/neo-Nazi groups for any anti-race violence. Any violence and destruction they perpetrate against individuals or property must, without question, be prosecuted.

And very importantly, when are Antifa and Black Lives Matter going to be publicly exposed and strongly condemned for their unacceptable violence and destruction against people and property. Anyone wearing masks and carrying clubs should tell the objective observer the group is up to no good.

Without reservation, violence and destruction must be condemned no matter what groups are the perpetrators.

Minerva Bordeaux

Rapid City

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