U.S. Constitution protects Ferebee

On July 30, there was a post in the two cents section regarding George Ferebee’s legal battle with Pennington County regarding the septic ordinance. The author stated they were sick of hearing about this battle and that George should just basically fall in line and accept the consequences.

Evidently, the writer knows nothing about the Constitution and just goes along with the propaganda spewed by the legal entities and the media. If they would research ex post facto law, they would discover that the ordinance in question falls under that category, and George should never have been charged with anything. The ordinance was enacted in 2010, and George was residing at his property long before that. The county commission in effect at that time also made the ordinance retroactive so all residents would be affected. That in itself is in violation of Article 1, Section 9, paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution which states: No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed.

In actuality, the state’s attorney and the judge should be charged under Title 18 U.S.C., Section 4 (Misprision of Felony) as neither has honored their oath of office.

Larry Baker

Rapid City

Men continue to put us in peril

What Mr. Trump just proved to the world is that there are two balmy "leaders" on the planet, both have bad haircuts and care absolutely nothing for the world's "precious little babies." Watching North Korea's troops marching is hilarious for me — until I think how dangerous the man is and that "his" people are said to be slaves.

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For all we know, we may be the only intelligent beings in this galaxy at least who are capable of causing so much destruction and suffering — not just to ourselves but to animals incapable of protest. Many of them seem to love us as well as their own babies — in fact, they would fight to the death to protect them. But what these morons are willing to gamble on is hell on earth. In 1945, we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed an estimated 47,000 people. We did that. Babies and all.

Please read “The Better Angels of our Nature” by Steven Pinker — a great read and an education in itself. Men must give women more power, not less. We do want to survive, don't we?

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

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