Article unfair to livestock industry

While ranchers are de-stocking their range and selling cows, effectively sending the factory and their livelihood to town, I question the editor's decision to run the story on outdoor recreation’s role in the South Dakota economy.

The article seemed to take a needless jab at the livestock industry, citing that the jobs and economic impact derived from outdoor recreation “far surpasses the 30,000 livestock industry jobs in the state.” Why not single out any one of the myriad of other industries in the state? Upon consideration, the answer may stem from the article’s primary source being a biased study released by a Boulder, Colorado, based lobby for the outdoor recreation lobby. I’m admittedly biased in favor of agriculture, but I rarely get cited as an accredited source on the front page of the Journal.

It is understood outdoor recreation is an important component of the state economy and a valued feature of our collective home but pitting agriculture against outdoor recreationists is a losing battle for everyone. I sincerely hope that this article simply slipped through the cracks and is not an indication of the Journal’s politics on livestock agriculture in South Dakota. The bottom line is that we all get to call the last best place on earth home and that doesn’t change whether you wear a cowboy hat or a bike helmet.

Aaron Thompson

Spearfish Livestock Association president

Enjoyed our visit to the Black Hills

My husband and I visited Mount Rushmore and the area around your fine city earlier this summer, and we got a copy of the newspaper with the story about the flood.

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I just wanted to let you know how much we both enjoyed the entire issue and we praise the former mayor for his work. We hope to return and visit again.

Judy Love

Sun City, California

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