Thune's cell bill usurps local control

As John Tsitrian rightly points out, Sen. John Thune appears to be paying back wireless industry donors by introducing S.19 — the Mobile Now Act. This bill takes away local zoning control and will allow Verizon and AT&T to place cell towers on any light or utility pole in our neighborhoods. One of these powerful microwave transmitters could be placed directly in front of your home and you will have no legal recourse because of this bill.

Meanwhile, our best science from the landmark $25 million National Toxicology Program study shows that microwave radiation from cellular technology causes brain cancer in rats. The American Cancer Society has stated this study marks a “paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.” Sen. Thune’s bill disregards science by exponentially increasing our exposure to this toxin.

This is bill is completely unnecessary because healthy, secure and fast technology already exists and could be greatly enhanced through fiber optics and other wired infrastructure to our homes and businesses. Sen. Thune must look at this issue more deeply before making a short-sighted decision that will affect the health, internet security and property rights of our communities for decades to come.

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Jeromy Johnson

Rapid City

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