EB-5 probe looks like a cover up

John Tsitrian’s column in the Aug. 9 Journal is “right on.” There is a clear double standard between non-political sentencing and political sentencing. South Dakota has been “run” by the Republicans so long that the politicians have run afoul of the saying: “Republicans don’t care what the politicians do just as long as they are Republicans.”

There are many unanswered questions about the EB-5 fiasco, but it seems clear that former Gov. Rounds was involved in it and that’s why there has been a cover up. Normally, one wouldn’t bring this up anymore except that Rounds is likely running for another term as senator from South Dakota.

Clearly, there was a plea deal with Joop Bollen so he could get such a light sentence for a big financial crime. Attorney General Marty Jackley was involved in the plea deal. If he had really wanted to get to the bottom of the EB-5 matter, he could have forced the matter to trial or taken the issue to a grand jury. He did neither to keep Bollen quiet with a sentence that was a slap on the wrist. Rounds and Jackley, the cover up twins. Their bad deeds should bring a no vote in 2018.

Reed Richards


Strip mining for oil a global threat

Although I understand the Nebraska landowners’ resistance to the pipeline crossing their land, the larger concern is the public's willingness to strip mine for oil. 

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The proposal to strip mine an area in northern Alberta the size of Wisconsin is the greater threat, an area made up largely of forest. How far do we go to compromise this earth to sustain our lifestyle?

Randy Kane

Crawford, Neb.

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