Republicans give Trump a free pass

I assume that Trump’s supporters condone his vulgarity because they endorse his racism, misogyny and xenophobia. What else could explain it? I don’t think Trump supporters would accept such inappropriate behavior from anyone else, would they? Let’s see.

I’m a middle school teacher and a leader of my church’s youth group. When working with my students, is it appropriate for me to discuss the size of my private parts? Should I ridicule the mentally disabled? Can I disrespect the service of our POWs if they oppose me politically? Should I teach our children that if they achieve fame, they will be allowed to sexually assault women? Should I teach our youth that America is no different than Russia, that we “aren’t so innocent,” that America supports assassins? Certainly not. The community would be outraged and would rightfully terminate my employment. Yet, Trump supporters find this behavior acceptable in a U.S. president.

Shame on Trump supporters, shame on Republicans, shame on Thune, Rounds and Noem. When you voted for Trump, you endorsed his behavior, you own it, and for what? Now, the nation is in crisis. God, save us from ourselves.

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Richard Jones

New Underwood

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