Mayor, city council abandon seniors

The Rapid City Council and mayor have dumped several senior citizens who rely on the Senior Companion Program. Lifelong crippling arthritis and two other conditions prevent me from driving. I just turned 70. My wits are fine. I have two years of college and five years as a contributing citizen of Rapid City.

Now, I find myself dumped with the loss of the Senior Companion program. I’m trapped from attending evening council meetings, citizen organization meetings, downtown music and information gatherings at the Civic Center and elsewhere. Why? They’re all in the evenings and the bus doesn't run after 5 o’clock. Why not go online? I gave up my computer as my income is $200 per year too much to qualify for HUD or county funding. The bus cost $3 every time I get on it. My needs are nothing compared to my friend who needs help shopping. She's blind.

It's too far for my walker to go downtown and a taxi is too expensive. Yes, I am truly being dumped by the mayor and the city council.

Carol Weiss

Rapid City

Don't raise taxes to defend criminals

Raising property taxes to pay for defending criminals? Yes, that makes sense - make law-abiding citizens throw more money in the government kitty to pay for the defense of criminals.

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Number one: criminals need to pay for the defense of criminals. Mr. District Attorney, give them a job in your office and let them work it off — actually saving the city and county money by putting them to work in those areas and cutting costs in wages, benefits and the number of people hired full time. Instead you would have temporary employees who only work long enough to pay for the cost of their defense. Number two: the cost claimed to defend these criminals is outrageous, they don't need a world-class defense with a team of people working to show their innocence. That's why it’s called "a" court appointed attorney.

 It becomes very tiresome that when all levels of government need more money, the first thing that comes to mind is let the already grossly underpaid, hardworking class pay for it. How much more do you think could be kicked with a salary of $8.50 per hour?

Tana Koch

Rapid City  

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