Do Trump voters still feel proud?

We're becoming increasingly uneasy almost everyday thanks to the uproar at the top of our government. Does anyone else wax nostalgic for the good ole days when all we had to worry about was Obama's birth certificate and Hillary's email server?

At least we weren't showing the same level of incompetence that we now expose to the whole world. The Chinese press calls our president a "paper tiger" (for good reason), most of Europe sees us as no longer willing to lead or even stand with them and Russia is testing us as never before. The demeritorious antics of this administration have weakened us considerably. Jeb Bush hit a home run when he called Trump "the chaos candidate and would be a chaos president." Given the way things are progressing and the fact that Donald is always at the edge of his chair, I'm not sure he can act any other way than chaotic.

There are t-shirts that say "proud to be deplorable." I do have one question after Donald's belittling of Jeff Sessions and Trump using the Mooch for his dirty-work: Are you still proud?

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Dave Freytag

Rapid City

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