The truth about President Trump

Someone mentioned recently that there were very few letters to the editor written by conservatives. That's only because the letters written by the liberal left are so full of hate and lies that we don't feel the need to respond to them.

I supported President Trump, gave to his campaign and continue to back him 100 percent. The snowflakes out there won't even give him one bit a credit, but I sure will. Thanks for your attempt to build the wall. Let's keep illegal immigrants out. And the economy — my 401(k) has done phenomenal this year. I bet yours has, too, but you won't admit that. President Trump's tax plan will lower taxes; quit lying to everyone that it won't. And it will not take money from Medicare or Social Security. The Democrats did enough of that in the 1980s. And quit whining about the national debt. Didn't hear a peep from you while Obama doubled it the previous eight years.

Last and very important: President Trump has all but eliminated Isis in his first 10 months. Under Obama, it developed, grew and became a world terror threat. Thank goodness we now have a president that wants to keep us safe.

Jeff Johnson

Rapid City

Tax reform plan a grand sham

 Our South Dakota congressional delegation — Representative Kristi Noem and Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds — are supporting a tax reform plan that is nothing but a sham that benefits the wealthy and big corporations. The plan will add $1.5 to $2 trillion to our national debt over the next 10 years and possibly a lot more if we do not see the economic benefits they are promising.

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These three deficit hawks were squawking about the deficits and national debt over the last few years, but now their silence is dumbfounding. I believe they have left the GOP and have become members of the GOHP (Grand Old Hypocrite Party). The tax cuts will disappear in 2025 for individuals, but the corporate income tax will not. Where is the fairness and logic for that?

We need deeper targeted cuts to the middle class and small business, along with elimination of the tax loopholes. Nothing is in this plan that addresses our national infrastructure needs or reduces our national debt, something our congressional delegation seems to have forgot about.

Kevin Merrill


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