Russian influence attempts won't stop

In Jan. 2017, multiple U.S. intelligence agencies reported that Russians were engaged in efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election, efforts that were significantly greater than in previous elections. The influence campaign was ordered by Russia's President Putin with the intent of undermining public faith in our democratic process, while also favoring the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

The agencies conclude that Russian attempts at election influence will increase in the future, here and around the world.This amounts to an attack on our nation's sovereignty by a hostile foreign power. Despite the seriousness of this threat, you'd be hard pressed to find either of our U.S. senators saying or doing much about it. President Trump, meanwhile, continues to reject the intelligence agencies' findings.Have Republicans gone soft on Russia? Are they reluctant to face this threat squarely, from the President on down, because they enjoyed having the Kremlin on their side in the 2016 election?

If that seems preposterous, imagine Republicans' reaction if Hillary Clinton had won the election with Russian support. They'd have multiple Congressional committees investigating. Instead, Republicans' silence and inaction on this threat suggests they have put loyalty to party ahead of loyalty to country. 

 Michael Melius


Options for opioid addiction

War on opioids? Mr. Carroll did not mention that their is alternatives to an opioid — especially Tramadol. Yes, you can get from your doctor acetaminophen and ibuprofen in a prescription strength.

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For tooth pain, take both per the University of Pittsburgh study. Just don't over dose the over the counter products per the label on the bottle. The British Journal says Tapentadol (Nucynta) is less likely to make you be come addicted if you are prescribed an oxycodone. Tramadol a synthetic opioid is addictive and should not be taken long term. There are side effects. Read the article in Men's Health Magazine, from the December 2017 issue and use it as your opioid first aid article. If you or your family are addicted get help. There are clinics that deal with this addiction on the internet. 

Harry Maddux

Rapid City

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