Downtown plans at cross purposes

One article in the Journal proposes a homeless campus in downtown Rapid City, while a second article proposes a special commercial growth area east of Fifth Street.

You planning people need to look up the word oxymoron. The ill-conceived and poorly planned “do-gooder” project for a homeless campus in downtown Rapid City will be a social and financial disaster. This will only magnify the problem of drunks, bums and panhandlers we have to wade through to shop downtown.

While a few will “feel good” about themselves, the downtown shopping district, including east of Fifth Street, will be destroyed. But not to worry — there’s always Amazon.

George Kruse

Rapid City


City's failure to communicate

With reference to the Rapid City Journal article that was published on Nov. 13 — “Navigating a difficult landscape” — that was written by Samuel Blackstone and concerned the home owned and occupied by Greg Riley and vegetation abatement issues between the homeowner and city code enforcement, I am wondering whatever happened to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God?

I fail to see how Owczarek telling Solon and Groote of the upcoming abatement in any way provided Riley with adequate notice of the upcoming abatement. I would think that the intelligent thing for Owczarek to have done would have been rather to tell Riley of the upcoming abatement. Evasiveness? City communication breakdown?

I see it as no wonder if Owczarek does not really know what goes into their Cricket Lawn Services’ cost and simply accepts what the city is billed for services rendered by their contractor that the city is paying and passing on to the homeowner or billing $140 for 10 minutes of work equaling $840 per hour. Inadequate city inspection and management? City communication breakdown?

Greg Riley

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Rapid City

Time for new leadership in SD

South Dakota has moved away from helping the working stiff in this state and protecting the land we live on. Our three representatives in Washington have voted overwhelming to support the Trump tax gift to himself and the remainder of the wealthiest people in the nation. They have done this while taking us deeper into debt to make it happen with no plan to repay that money.

They are destroying the air we breathe, water we drink and the land we live on by removing all regulations that protect our future. Once again, the Republicans are moving us toward fiscal calamity. It is now time to start electing people in South Dakota that care about fiscal responsibility and our environment, which means electing Democrats (yes, I said Democrats) that care about the average person and the land they live in.

We have several good South Dakotans running as Democrats for governor and the House. I am supporting them both as I believe that it is time to return South Dakota to a time when our elected representatives actually worked for the average man and woman and not just corporate business owners.

Brent Cox


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