Bjorkman not part of political culture

I am terribly concerned about the back room deals and lack of transparency in our government. Both of the attempts to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were ill-developed in backrooms and lawmakers had little time to analyze them before the vote. That is just bad government. All our laws should be well-thought out and openly discussed.

Our members of Congress specifically avoided having town hall meetings to hear from us on the matter. The same can be said for the current budget vote, which reverses all the values we have developed since the great depression. Again no town halls. The unethical conduct of our leaders is appalling.

That is why I am supporting Tim Bjorkman for Congress. He has never run for political office and has no baggage to prevent him from doing what is right. He is not only a highly ethical person, but one who will solicit our views on important matters that come before him. That kind of openness and transparency will probably not go over in Washington, but is desperately needed.

Douglas Miller


C-PACE legislation good for businesses

In terms of energy efficiency, S.D. ranks dead last (49th and tied with Wyoming), according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). We should join the 33 states that have passed commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) legislation. It allows businesses to conserve energy and develop under-utilized energy sources such as our God-given solar, wind and geothermal energy. C-PACE works by allowing businesses to implement energy and water conservation measures that significantly reduce their utility bills, even though they don’t have the funds and traditional lenders cannot provide a loan with workable terms.

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C-PACE lenders exist to make such loans to the property (not the owner) with low rates and long terms because it’s low risk (secured by a lien) and repaid by means of a completely voluntary property assessment, which the county collects on behalf of the lender. And it must save more money than the additional property assessment costs. Benefits are many, including helping economic and workforce development – both keys to improving the economy in our state.

Please contact your state legislators and urge them to adopt C-PACE when the bill comes before them during the next legislative session.

Gena Parkhurst

Rapid City

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