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Guns in churches not the answer

When churches are subject to random attacks of arson, what is the logical thing to do? Put more hoses and firefighters in the church? No, you try to catch the arsonist. Yet what Barry Young proposes in the Journal’s front page article “We gotta start fighting back” is exactly that, putting more hoses (guns) in our churches. 

The arsonist in this analogy is the National Rifle Association. It has been proven that assault rifle bans have greatly reduced assault rifle massacres like those that have recently occurred. Polls show that a majority of  Americans support such a ban. The NRA says a ban is a violation of the Constitution. The NRA lies. The courts have ruled assault rifles can be banned. Why don’t we have one? Just talk to Sen. Rounds. He would never vote against the NRA. It gives him a bunch of money for his re-election. So, there you have it — Rounds votes for the NRA and against the people and churches of South Dakota every time.

Lay these massacres at the feet of the gutless Republicans in Pierre and Washington. They talk about protecting the people but vote for the NRA every time. Go figure. Vote Democratic next election.

Reed Richards


Republican Party threatens Democracy

Where has the U.S.A.'s sense of decency gone? Are we so entrenched in tribalism that morality has no place in our conservative thinking or our Christian doctrine?

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I swear in the case of Alabama religionist Republicans, they are saying "give us Barabas." I think these folks are blind leaders of the blind and have no God-given logic in their head. At least Democrats are embarrassed and repentant about their misdeeds but not Trump and his ilk — just more lies. If the Republican Party weren't generally such spineless flip-floppers, we could cut our losses and move on from this fiasco before it gets much worse.

We could very well become a defunct democracy with all the power held by the very same people that the Republicans are catering to right now, the "robber barons" who put us in the soup nine years ago. With a ruined country, there will be no 20th century safeguards like Social Security and Medicare, only the military.

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

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