Radical leftists have grim track record

After reading a letter to the editor published on Jan. 31, the writer says that he “gladly and proudly” accepts the label of “radical leftist.”

Maybe that’s unfortunate, because some other radical leftists not too long ago were directly responsible for mass atrocities and murders of millions of people. The numbers vary, but Mao Tse Tung and his radical leftists were responsible for the deaths of up to 78 million. Stalin and his radical leftists — 24 million. Hitler and his leftists (National Socialists) — 17 million. Pol Pot and his leftists — 1.5 to 3 million, around 25 percent of the population in Cambodia.

Show me a “radical leftist” and I’ll show you a totalitarian, not a scintillating dinner guest list.

Steve Tanska

Belle Fourche

Thune's column helps divide nation

I just read John Thune’s comments in his column in the Journal with the headline “Democrats should work with Republicans.” John, what in the world were you thinking when you wrote that?

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The Republicans work behind closed doors — no Democrats allowed — and come up with their plan to replace Obamacare and provide tax reform. Then they rush votes even before those who vote have a chance to read or offer amendments. Even Republicans should be disturbed by that process. The last political circus created the government shutdown. This was caused by Republicans when Trump said he would sign any agreement that was reached by a bipartisan group. Such an agreement was reached but Trump’s advisors told him it didn’t provide enough money for his big beautiful wall, so Trump wouldn’t agree.

I lived through the World War II era and remember the many civilian sacrifices like rationing of such things as meat, sugar, gas, shoes etc. All Americans were united in their efforts to “Make America Great” and did not try to divide us. John, the present administration is the most divisive to exist in my lifetime. Your comments tend to divide more than unite.

John D. Johnson


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