Happy Tavern goes above and beyond

I have recently been spending some fun evenings at The Happy Tavern, a local bar at Johnson's Siding, with my friend, Kristen, who lives nearby, when I am out that way. Everyone knows everyone and is very friendly to newcomers like me.

I met my friend out there the other night and when I came in the door several people were looking my way — it felt odd. Then, I couldn't believe what I saw. Over the holidays, they completely redesigned the women's bathroom and made it wheelchair accessible — just for me (and anyone else in a wheelchair, of course). Everyone was excited for me to see what they did. It was awesome.

Kristen mentioned you don't think about a narrow bathroom door or a curb cut unless you're around someone that needs it. It's true. I really liked the place before, but now I can drink a beer or two while I'm there. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

Chris Benson

Rapid City

Landfill expansion not the solution

It is a consummate mystery to me, as well as a huge offense to effective environmentalism, that the Rapid City Council has authorized nearly $7 million toward the expansion of the landfill when trash could be handled in a much more effective manner, both economically and environmentally.

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Most trash can, and should, be recycled — particularly paper, plastic, glass, and cans. About 90 percent of the trash in my house can be recycled. I’m sure this is true for most households. Drop-off stations are good, but not enough and not always convenient. We are responsible for the stewardship of the God-given planet upon which we live, including cleaning up after ourselves in a responsible manner. If we continue to acquire “landfill,” what will eventually happen? Clean land will run out and we’ll be forced to live in our own filth. You might say, “oh that’s so far off, it won’t matter.” But that only leaves the ensuing inevitable problem up to others — our children, their children, etc. Does anyone honestly think that’s the “right thing” to do?

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Please, let’s start moving in the right direction on this critical matter — sooner rather than later.

Mary Kerr

Black Hawk

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