Water rate hike reasonable, needed

Rapid City has been blessed with plentiful high quality water. Cost to citizens has always been extremely reasonable. With increased costs, aging infrastructure and increasing regulatory requirements, it is necessary we adequately fund our water program.

The city reviewed the needs the past year with staff, three City Council members, our elected representatives, and the consulting firm. Their findings are what the increase is based upon. If we do not support this increase, it will be needed later at a higher cost. The time for action and approval is now. The percent increase is significant but not the cost. The average use of water per family per month is 5,610 gallons and the current cost is $.005 per gallon. The 2022 cost would be $.008 per gallon. It is a bargain. The customer has the choice to conserve water. Our choice is to accept the higher costs and properly maintain, repair, and replace our water infrastructure. Failure to do so would take our water system into the state of disrepair that we see in our streets and county highway bridges.

It is time we honor the decisions of our elected citizen representatives and take care of our city. Support the water utility cost increase to insure the future and vitality of our community.

Jerome "Jerry" Wright

Rapid City

Drivers needed to help cancer patients

I am a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery program that relies on drivers like me to take cancer patients to and from their treatments.

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 Lack of transportation is often a major problem for cancer patients when either they have no transportation or are too ill to drive. Family and friends may help but are not always available. After I retired from the Air Force, I was looking for something less strenuous to do than my previous endeavors. I have always enjoyed volunteering. My father had cancer and eventually died from it and I remember him telling me how difficult it was to find rides to treatment. I didn't know this program existed, but one day I came upon an ad for it on the internet and thought "I can do that.”

We need more drivers to help cancer patients in the Rapid City area. Rides are needed weekdays, usually between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Requirements: a valid driver’s license, a safe driving record and proof of insurance, as well as completing paperwork and a brief training session. To volunteer for Road To Recovery, contact ACS at 1-800-227-2345 or visit cancer.org/drive.

Glenn Neuf

Box Elder

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