Why can't the state attract better jobs?

I would like to address the governor’s statement on the lack of skilled workers. This is an agricultural state, meaning unions are looked down on and the majority of the state’s population are farmers. To grow the economy, or tax base, you have to recruit or bring jobs other than agricultural to the state to attract skilled workers.

I recently moved here from a neighboring state and in that state it is not hard to find a good-paying job that pays enough to sustain a family. In western South Dakota where tourism has a major workforce, earning enough to raise a family requires both parents to work one if not two jobs to be able to have a comfortable lifestyle. The question is why doesn’t South Dakota attract companies that pay a decent wage? If they paid better wages, the state’s tax revenue would go up.

I still don’t understand why almost every state around us has oil or some other natural resources to create high-paying jobs. From what I see, South Dakota doesn’t want to expand in jobs that pay good wages.

Rusty Canaday


Congress, Thune need to do their jobs

South Dakotans need to let Sen. Thune know that he should inform his “boss,” Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, that he does not need presidential pre-approval to introduce legislation, as Congress is an equal and separate branch of government.

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Congress needs to pass a bill that, at a minimum, fixes part of the immigration mess, particularly DACA and border security issues, regardless of what President Trump might propose. Once passed by Congress, such a bill goes to the president who can then veto or sign it. If signed, it becomes law. If vetoed, the bill returns to Congress where the veto is either overridden or sustained. If overridden, it becomes law; if sustained, it is dead.

South Dakota, where one party has controlled both the legislature and governorship for years, has on several occasions passed bills into laws by overriding a governor’s veto. Most of us learned about this procedure in high school civics or by watching the famous video “I am a Bill” or a title similar. Sen. Thune, make yourself useful by sitting Mitch down and play that video for him such that he also might understand how the system is "constitutionally" supposed to work.

Lou Leahy


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