Vietnam vets should join local group

Now that it is popular to be a Vietnam Veteran, I have noticed a lot of vets proudly wearing the colors but still refusing to get involved in the one veterans organization dedicated to serving the Vietnam and Era veterans.

The Vietnam Veterans of America are the reason agent orange comp and treatment plus other benefits are now received. So, if you are a Vietnam Veteran or Era veteran please join us so we can remain strong enough to continue to fight for our benefits. Politicians never look at names but pay attention to numbers when approached by veteran groups demanding benefits. The Local Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 463 in Rapid City, is a dedicated part of the community and fight for veteran’s rights. We need your help to continue to do so.

Interested veterans please come to one of our meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the VFW 420 Main St. Rapid City or contact Jack Dean at 605-393-0444 ( Chapter President). Thank you for your service and God bless.

Jack Dean

Rapid City

Conflict of interest for Rep. Mickelson

Rep. Mark Mickelson and his partner, Paul Kostboth, formed a company called A 1 Development Solutions. Mickelson may directly benefit from CAFO construction, which he is orchestrating — through his work as a legislator — to weaken zoning regulations from the state down to the local level. 

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This conflict of interest on Mickelson’s part, which he disclosed in a statement of financial interest form filed with our secretary of state, presents just the sort of opportunity for self-dealing that South Dakotans voted to stop with the passage of IM 22. Mickelson then voted to roll back the protections voters put in place. 

Is there middle ground on this issue? Maybe Mickelson could put his money in a solar power company instead as long as he is not the prime sponsor of legislation to help that company in South Dakota.

Frank Kloucek


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